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Performance Nutrition

For those of you thinking about how this kind of training may affect your waistlines or how you can improve your diet through good nutrition, please remember this very important fact: You cannot out-train a bad diet. My other blog, Back to Basics Training, has several articles on performance nutrition including this one which explains why it is so very important. If you have the time or need help falling […]

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Training Schedule January 25th-30th

Important! This is the fourth week of our periodized training schedule and is a de-load week. We are going to reduce intensity and training volume. This would be a good week to get in some long steady cardio or even take a yoga class. We will be starting back again the following week hard and heavy so make sure you get some good recovery this week. If you have just […]

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Some Dietary Wisdom

Some psychology on training and dieting and why it works or doesn’t . . . The Marshmallow Test, Leangains Blogspot This is the blog of Martin Berkhan, nutritional consultant and personal trainer. He’s a little hardcore in his stance, but the conclusion of article and its points about overtraining and overindulging on break days rings very true for a lot of us. We need to stop thinking about training hard […]

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Saturday’s Workout, January 23rd, 2010

Well, it looks like its going to be sunny and fifty degrees on Saturday so that means we’re going to have another workout here at 10 am. We are going to do 2 rounds of a partner circuit. 1. Bodyweight wheelbarrow push, 100 m. (Limit 175 women, 225 men) This sets the time for all events, when this event is completed by both partners, everyone can rotate to next event.2. […]

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Training Schedule January 18th-24th

Post all questions to comments or e-mail me at flemingsj4616@yahoo.com. This schedule is not meant to be followed “as is”, there are elements to choose from depending on your goals and fitness level. Endurance Training: Use these either between strength training days or four hours before or after a strength workout. Option 1 (moderate intensity): Run Jump Rope 1 minute followed by 1 minute of rest for 10 rounds.Option 2 […]

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The Warrior Dash

**I was recently made aware that this page has gotten thousands of views via google searches about training for the Warrior Dash.  This blog does have some training plans outlined starting in August 2010 through October 2010, but I’ll be posting some newer posts on training some groups to do the Warrior Dash and the Rugged Maniac.  I will also be posting about my own training for the Tough Mudder. […]

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