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Training for Disney

So, my family and I are in Disneyworld for the week and I am so glad I tortured us with sandbag work for the last month. I have been cleaning and pressing children, carrying them for distance, and sprinting with one on my shoulders and a 25 lb backpack on my back. (But, we made the tram, thank God!) The only other thing I would add would be to do […]

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Training Schedule, March 29th – April 3rd

We have completed our 12 week periodized training cycle and will now take a week off to rest, recover, and re-group. OUr 1RM assessments had some surprises for folks who found that they had increased one or more of their lifts quite significantly. We have rehabbed some injuries, lost some bodyfat, gained some muscle and are overall in pretty good shape. We will be using our determined training loads in […]

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Training Schedule, March 22nd – March 27th

This is the last week of our 12 week periodized program. Next week is a de-load week and I will post some bodyweight/endurance workouts to keep you busy, but its a week to lay off the weights and high intensity intervals. Recovery is the key to getting stronger. This week we are going to test our one rep max on our squat, press, and deadlift. Weightlifters will likewise max out […]

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Training Schedule, March 8th – March 13th 2010

First of all, its time to revisit Performance Nutrition. Humor me, its the 80% of achieving optimal body composition and I’ve even provided someone interesting to read about. Okay, now that that’s out of the way (you read it, right?), let’s move on to lifting heavy stuff and running. The children wanted me to tell you that we had our first “Cool Fit Kids” (their name, not mine) workout on […]

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