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Getting Strong and Losing Fat

To get strong, we lift weights. To lose fat we do cardio, right? And who has time for all that? So, about sixty years ago, circuits were invented.  It was shown that you could perform weight training exercises in a continuous circuit for 2-3 total sets and get both a cardiovascular and strength benefit.  But, how much benefit do you actually get? The original circuits, done in the fifties and […]

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Training Schedule July 26th – July 31st

Well, some exciting things have happened this week! First of all, we finally walled off the back area of the basement and that means, yes, the whining has paid off. We got an air conditioner! Now the workouts will only be horrible because they are hard, not because they are hard and you are doing them in a sauna. Second bit of great news! I got a bench! Well, my […]

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Training Schedule July 19th through July 26th

Monday July 12th Back Squat 3×10Press 5×5 Tuesday July 6th Complete the following circuit at a moderate pace:Rest one minute between setsJump rope 50 repsKnees to elbows, 10-15(alternative 10 chin ups or body rows, 10 hanging knee raises)Bulgarian split squat right leg 15Bulgarian split squat left legKettlebell swing, 25Perform 4-5 rounds. Wednesday July 7th This is a high intensity workout.  Make sure you have an extended warmup such as 20-30 […]

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Training Schedule July 12th through July

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Adam Mathias on his MMA debut win at the Bull City Brawl Saturday night.  He won by unanimous decision.  30-27, 30-27, 29-28  It is a testimony to his hard work and skill.  Adam trains at the Triangle Jiu Jitsu Academy in Durham. And, to get back to the mundane, in an article posted on my Back to Basics Training blog, I challenged myself […]

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Back to Basics Training

Guess what?  I wrote a few articles where I talk about myself incessantly and then give a little bit of good advice.  Typical of us fitness bloggers, but you may find it useful.  Click on the links below to read the following two articles. Fat Loss, What Does It Take? Holy cow! I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds over the past two months and instead, I’ve put on […]

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Trying to gain wisdom without hurting myself.

Over the past two years, my fitness philosophies have been challenged, modified, and finally returned to their original form. And all I can say is thank God I’m not as wishy-washy as I thought I was turning out to be. As it turns out, fitness is pretty basic. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be interesting and challenging enough to maintain the attention span of the […]

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