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Throwing Hammers and Other Things

One of the events in the Highland Games that I have not yet attempted is the hammer throw.  It differs from the hammer throw in track and field both in the weight of the hammer, the implement itself, and the technique used for throwing. In track and field, the hammer head is attached to a D-ring handle via a flexible cable.  Women throw a 8.82 (4 kg) hammer and men […]

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Getting smoked by a seven year old.

When taking on new endeavors, humility is invaluable.  For example, when you decide to run for the first time in a few months and your seven year old freakishly athletic son wants to run with you, you have to know up front that he will, in fact, leap over puddles, turn in circles, run backwards, and periodically sprint while you struggle to maintain your 12 minute mile “jog”.  And when […]

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Building up miles

Probably the most challenging thing for me (aside from overcoming my fear of heights and death) in training for the tough mudder will be getting some miles under my belt.  Most running programs would not have a novice attempt a half marathon (which is about the same distance) unless he or she were already running 15-20 miles a week. Running, although its one of our simplest activities, has a lot […]

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Playing for the Win

David Van Skike We have all found ourselves working towards a goal and running into long stretches of flat, achingly slow progress with little reward on a day to day basis. The weight on the scale is stuck, the bar is too heavy and slinging a leg over your bike makes your whole body ache. If you train long enough, you know the feeling. Everything hurts and the plan is […]

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And now for a plan . . .

I have set some goals for myself for the next year that are going to be a bit challenging for me.  I plan to compete (or at least demo) in the Triad Highland Games at the end of April and then do the Tough Mudder race sometime over the Summer or early Fall.  In planning my training for both events, I’ve had to do some self-assessment which has proven rather […]

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Turning 40 and the Tough Mudder

So, next year, I turn 40 and either senility has already set in or I am having a mid-life crisis because I have decided to train for the Tough Mudder.  That’s right.  I’m going to run 12 miles through mud, climb walls, crawl through mud, negotiate barbed wire, probably eat a little mud, get shocked by electrified wires, fall into a mud pit,  and who knows what else.   This was me […]

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Who are the fitness experts?

Sara Fleming Eveywhere you go on the internet these days you’ll find blogs, websites, and facebook celebrities dedicated to talking about the application of training and performance nutrition.  Some are very entertaining, some are not.  Some are based entirely on personal experience, some are based entirely on science.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are based on rumors, misinterpretation of data, outright lies, and/or the belief that one only need be […]

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