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Practical Strength Seminar Development

The basic principles that most trainers learn in accredited programs can be applied to broad range of individuals and training goals. However, bridging this gap between theory and practice can be difficult without practical experience or mentorship from more experienced coaches and trainers.  

We are in the process of developing a seminar in which we will integrate the insight of experienced coaches and athletes into an easily utilized model for program design that can accommodate the need of a broad range of individuals including rank beginners and advanced athletes.   A large portion of the seminar will be dedicated to hands-on “time under bar” experience using a wide variety of implements for strength and conditioning.  We believe that there is no single program that is superior to optimized program development that takes into account the individual and his or her goals.

In this seminar we hope to accomplish three things:

1.  Teach our students a basic training model that can be used to assess and evaluate an individuals goals, abilities, and optimal training focus. A good trainer should be able to not only observe and correct movement patterns, but should also know how to properly apply intensity and volume to strength, endurance, and skill work.  

2. Provide a broad range of real life examples of how one incorporates the various aspects of fitness into a comprehensive training program. Although there are many aspects of fitness that can be developed, multiple training effects can be simultaneously derived from a single protocol without wasting time trying to develop attributes through multiple means.

3.  Provide hands on instruction on the use of a broad range of implements for both strength and conditioning. We will include instruction on barbells, strongman equipment, and light implements.  We will provide instruction both on the exercises themselves as well as how to effectively coach them and incorporate them into a training program.

Through insightful lectures, hands on instruction, and round table discussions, our hope is that our students leave our seminar with a better understanding of how to evaluate and set goals for their clients as well as implement various training methods safely and effectively into their daily routine.

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