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How to be Inspiring

I meant to write this article a while back, but then we all heard of the tragedy in Connecticut and I had a hard time dealing with the overwhelming emotions spawned that day.  You see, above all other things, I am a mother.  My children are 6, 8, and 10 and are wonderful, frustrating, creative, difficult, funny, and loving children, usually all at the same time.  Because I’m interested in […]

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What is base?

This is an excerpt from our seminar curriculum.  Developing a solid base is an absolute requirement. Base training is the dominant prerequisite qualities and skills of your goal or sport. Base training is specific: Runners Run, Weightlifters Lift, Judokas grapple, Throwers Throw. Base is not GPP. GPP is preparing the individual to train. Base is where you need the bulk of your actual training time: Is it skill? Is it […]

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So, What to Eat?

In my last blog post, I presented my thoughts on diet and exercise and what to do if you want to lose weight.  And since I want to lose some inches from my waistline, I also presented a basic plan for myself with regard to the overall calorie and macronutrient intake I was going to start with for myself.  It is now a week later and by simply paying attention […]

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How I Make Crossfit Work for My Gym

Bethany Wadsworth Bethany Wadsworth is the owner and head trainer of Crossfit Geneseo and hosted our last seminar. I have an unusual gym;  a perfect storm of convenience, coolness and grunge. My gym is 75 ft. from my house and it’s in a barn. There are dogs, cats, and the occasional child roaming among my regular clients sweating through their workouts.  I can literally walk downstairs, grab a cup of coffee, and […]

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Fitness is Not a Brand

What do his needs have in common with everyone else? How do they differ? Nor is it a certification, a fraternity, or a secret handshake.  Fitness is a quality that individuals develop through training towards their individual purposes. There is no one way to train any more than there is one correct goal.    Fitness is simply the result of overloading the aerobic and muscular system in such a way that our […]

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Fattening Up for the Holidays

The only truly useful book in this group is the onewritten by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and I highly recommend the recipe for BBQ rub. Every single year, the same thing happens.  We get through Thanksgiving thinking of it as a single binge before Christmas and instead, find our pants have gotten a bit tighter than we intended and have no intention of slowing down.  Its hard.  There is good […]

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What exactly do we teach?

Good question. When we first got together to design this seminar, it was to solve two major problems we saw as overwhelming in the fitness industry:1.  There is a big deficiency in hands on instruction in the basic moving parts of strength and conditioning. 2.  The fitness industry has long been plagued by self help gurus, hucksterism, and multi-level marketing scams. Most trainers have the best of intentions; they provide […]

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