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Malvern Seminar

Sara Fleming We concluded our first seminar on Sunday, March 25th, and already are gearing up for our next one in June at Primal Fitness in Washington, DC.  In fact, driving up to New York to visit family today, we drove through DC and caught a glimpse of Primal Fitness on New York Avenue.  Looks like a fun place to train. To be concise, we had a great time.  Malvern […]

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Training for the Warrior Dash

Who doesn’t want a furry Viking helmet?   Over the past couple of years, obstacle course races such as the Warrior Dash have become insanely popular.  Since I first posted about training for the Warrior Dash, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from clients and other trainers about how exactly one should train for the Warrior Dash or similar short distance obstacle course races.  I’ve heard people tout everything from […]

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Autoregulation: Part 2

Robert L. Wanamaker Introduction In part one of this series, I introduced the concept of autoregulation.  I wrote about autoregulating intensity: by turning the traditional approach on its head, the athlete is told to lift to a certain subjective intensity, not to lift to a certain objective weight.  Measuring units of this intensity are called RPEs – rates of perceived exertion.  In this article, I’ll focus on fatigue work, which […]

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Training Our Youth: What Happened?

 One of the big questions in the strength and conditioning community is “Are good athletes born or made?”  I think the answer depends on how you define the words “good athlete”.  If you mean an individual who performs flawlessly at the top of his or her sport with tremendous strength, power, grace, and determination, well, that’s mostly genetics.  If you simply mean someone who is dedicated and performs reasonably well […]

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Basic Plyometric Concepts and Application

Jason Davidson In this article, I will be explaining the basic physiology, mechanisms, and programming considerations involved in plyometric movements, and explain why we do them in the first place. You may already have experience with these movements in your training. Depth jumps, box jumps, medicine ball throws, and hundreds more all fall into this category. As with all of your training, it is important to know the reasons for […]

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