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Malvern Seminar

Sara Fleming

We concluded our first seminar on Sunday, March 25th, and already are gearing up for our next one in June at Primal Fitness in Washington, DC.  In fact, driving up to New York to visit family today, we drove through DC and caught a glimpse of Primal Fitness on New York Avenue.  Looks like a fun place to train.

To be concise, we had a great time.  Malvern prep has an amazing weight room.  The purpose of our seminar was to teach the fundamental principles that we all believe in as trainers and we feel these principles came through repeatedly in our lectures and demonstrations:

  • Its simple, but its not necessarily easy.
  • Success relies on attention to the goals and needs of the individual.
  • If you can accomplish your goals simply, complicated isn’t necessary.
  • Quality always trumps quantity.
  • Effective and fun are not mutually exclusive.

In addition, we met some great folks who were fun to work with and eager to learn.  A variety of backgrounds were represented in our attendees:  Strength coaches, Crossfit coaches, beginner trainers, and self-trained athletes.  I’m confident in saying that everyone brought home some valuable lessons.  Being that is was the first time most of us have taught together, we even learned a lot as a group.  We are very much looking forward to our next engagement.  Hope we see you there!

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