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Hypothermia when its warm outside

Yet another Tough Mudder training session, this time in the rain with some Fall-like weather. There were only four of us as some folks decided that rain meant they could stay inside on the couch and snuggle with their wives while waiting for their breakfast casserole to bake . . . I’m not bitter, I swear. I wasn’t cold or hungry or anything like that. 🙂  Actually, I’m just kidding. […]

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100% RAW Mid-Atlantic Championships

This past weekend I took my son, daughter, and one of my weightlifters to the 100% RAW Mid-Atlantic Powerlifting championships.  And it was awesome.  Before I get into the events of the day, let me explain a little bit about this competition.  Powerlifting is a strength sport that focuses on a small selection of strength lifts.  The squat, bench press, and deadlift are the most typical lifts seen, but some […]

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The Economics of Training Part II

David Van Skike “The idea that the harder you work, the better you’re going to be is just garbage. The greatest improvement is made by the man or woman who works most intelligently.” ― Bill Bowerman In Part One, we introduced the idea of training economy.   Good training economy is spending limited training resources on those things that are known to contribute directly to the goal.  It means understanding that […]

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Have Fun, Get Strong!

At almost seven years old, Patrick fancies himselfa big strong guy. To say I’m working on a couple of projects right now is an understatement.  I have a tendency to stretch myself a bit thin with my training and teaching projects, but only because I have so much fun doing this stuff.  One of my most recent projects is designing a strength program for one of the “specials” classes at […]

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Tough Mudder Training: 5 Weeks Out

We just finished our third conditioning workout for the Tough Mudder and it was tough to say the least.  Today we completed 11 obstacle stations repeating the Wall, Over/Under, and Crawling stations an additional time.  So overall, we started with a 1 mile run and then ran an additional 700 meters after every obstacle.  The obstacle stations were as follows: Monkey Bars:  45-54 bars in a row without stopping.  Since […]

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The Economics of Training Part I

David Van Skike I overheard a conversation this weekend at a highland games that is a classic pitfall of self-coached (and many professionally coached) athletes. Names withheld to protect the guilty. I don’t know what’s going on with my throws. I have no pop in the trig, no snap or speed. The worst part is I’m doing everything right. My diet is paleo, I’m throwing often, I’m getting my strength […]

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Circuit Training

To get strong, we lift weights. To lose fat we do cardio, right? And who has time for all that? So, about sixty years ago, circuits were invented.  It was shown that you could perform weight training exercises in a continuous circuit for 2-3 total sets and get both a cardiovascular and strength benefit.  But, how much benefit do you actually get? The original circuits, done in the fifties and […]

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