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My Tough Mudder: Part II

A philosophy that all our fellow Mudders adhered to. And now for the rest of the story. At the conclusion of my last telling, we had traversed about 14 obstacles including a number of mud and water crossings that may or may not have been actual obstacles.  We had encountered three water/fuel stations including one with bathrooms (this is important for older people and those who have given birth at […]

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My Tough Mudder: Part 1

Team GeriAtrocities Well, we finally did it. Team GeriAtrocities traveled to Society Hill, South Carolina early Saturday morning to complete the Tough Mudder Carolinas challenge and we were not disappointed.  There were eight total members on our team and we ranged in age from 39 to 46, four women and four men.  Two of our team members live outside of Charlotte and so did their training on their own.  The […]

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Final Tough Mudder Training Day

Well, we’re almost there.  Our Tough Mudder is this coming Saturday and we are about to do our last workout today.  It will involve a total of 10 miles running and 14 obstacle stations.  This is still less than the actual race, but many of the Tough Mudder obstacles are psychologically challenging rather than strength challenges.  Our goal today is to sustain our efforts for the entire time without breaking […]

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Can Good Judgement Be Taught?

Sara Fleming In a conversation with one of my fellow instructors, the title of this article was the main subject.  To be more specific, we were talking about teaching our students and what we hoped they would get out of our seminar. Over the past year, we’ve struggled to define explicitly what it is that we teach.  Our goal is to take our group of students, pull back the curtain […]

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