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How I Make Crossfit Work for My Gym

Bethany Wadsworth Bethany Wadsworth is the owner and head trainer of Crossfit Geneseo and hosted our last seminar. I have an unusual gym;  a perfect storm of convenience, coolness and grunge. My gym is 75 ft. from my house and it’s in a barn. There are dogs, cats, and the occasional child roaming among my regular clients sweating through their workouts.  I can literally walk downstairs, grab a cup of coffee, and […]

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Fitness is Not a Brand

What do his needs have in common with everyone else? How do they differ? Nor is it a certification, a fraternity, or a secret handshake.  Fitness is a quality that individuals develop through training towards their individual purposes. There is no one way to train any more than there is one correct goal.    Fitness is simply the result of overloading the aerobic and muscular system in such a way that our […]

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Fattening Up for the Holidays

The only truly useful book in this group is the onewritten by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and I highly recommend the recipe for BBQ rub. Every single year, the same thing happens.  We get through Thanksgiving thinking of it as a single binge before Christmas and instead, find our pants have gotten a bit tighter than we intended and have no intention of slowing down.  Its hard.  There is good […]

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What exactly do we teach?

Good question. When we first got together to design this seminar, it was to solve two major problems we saw as overwhelming in the fitness industry:1.  There is a big deficiency in hands on instruction in the basic moving parts of strength and conditioning. 2.  The fitness industry has long been plagued by self help gurus, hucksterism, and multi-level marketing scams. Most trainers have the best of intentions; they provide […]

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Elementary School Fitness Testing

I’m about to start my seventh week of teaching strength to the third and fourth graders at my children’s elementary school and it has been a great learning experience.  The class I’m teaching is part of the school’s “clubs” program which is basically a series of special classes that the children can choose from.  These classes cover everything from art to music to physical fitness.  After volunteering with the PE […]

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Interval Training

Sara Fleming *This is an excerpt from our seminar curriculum.  For more information on the science of interval training, see the research by Stephen Seiler. High intensity interval training is a very popular training tool used in a lot of gyms.  The short duration and high intensity nature makes working out hard a bit more palatable for a lot of folks.  The short term improvements to the aerobic system increase […]

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The Trap Bar Deadlift

My new trap bar. In my training practice, I work with a lot of different individuals with different goals, fitness levels, and body types.  I believe that strength is the one quality that transfers the most to other aspects of fitness and so strength training is a large part of what I do with my clients.  However, the challenge to find exercises that my clients can do both safely and […]

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