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Fitness is Not a Brand

What do his needs have in common with everyone else?
How do they differ?

Nor is it a certification, a fraternity, or a secret handshake.  Fitness is a quality that individuals develop through training towards their individual purposes. There is no one way to train any more than there is one correct goal.    Fitness is simply the result of overloading the aerobic and muscular system in such a way that our bodies adapt to meet the demands.  This requires thought, planning, and an understanding of how the body responds to applied stress.  This knowledge is the basis of all the training science that has been accumulated over the past century.

There are countless books written by experts in every specialty in the field on how to train for specific sports or follow their specific philosophy. These books can be great tools,  but their value is not as a scientific reference. They are  the opinions and experiences of those who have been in the trenches and represent in the simplest terms, Best Practices of those who’ve already been there.

A substantial part of our curriculum is based on these best practices as well as the scientific basis these best practices rely on to work.  We’re not here to provide another conflicting opinion, we’re here to give you the tools  and the insight to make these common themes work for you.

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