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Come Play with Us!

DSC_0055After four seminars, we’ve been asked by several of our students if there could be an option for us to teach more of the hands on coaching.  The main reasons being that we have a lot of fun, everyone learns something new, and almost everyone gets a PR.  Some students have gotten two or three PRs over the course of our instruction.

To answer this question, we’ve included a “lift only” option with our seminars.  This is for those folks who just want some coaching on their lifts and to hopefully break through any challenges they’ve been experiencing with load or technique.

Due to requests to go more in depth on techniques outside the weight room, we have also decided to include a full length weekend strength sports clinic in our offerings.  In this clinic we will offer a whole day of “gym lifts” including the classic power lifts as well as Olympic lifts.  We will also offer a full day of Strongman and Highland Games techniques.   Of all the strength sports, Strongman and Highland Games are the ones people have the least opportunities to learn.  However, they are a lot of fun, enhance athleticism, and you can make a lot of progress with them with diligent practice.  Most importantly for those of you training for performance, throwing, carrying, and lifting odd objects are directly applicable to most sports movements.

The seminars have been a great deal of fun and we expect our strength sports clinic to hold up to our standards of fun, useful, and educational as well.   Hope to see you there!



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