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Box Squats and Bench Presses: A Valuable Combination for the Strength Athlete

Sara Fleming In addition to being a personal trainer, I am a USA Weightlifting coach.  And I’m not bad at it.  I’ve taught a lot of people, of all ages, to snatch and clean and jerk.  I’ve coached a number of athletes who have qualified and competed at National level competitions. Technique is a huge part of weightlifting training, especially for beginners, but strength is important as well.  And so this may sound crazy, but […]

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Pregnancy, Fitness, Being Strong, and Realizing You Don’t Have to Prove Anything to Anybody

I have to admit, I’ve been a little irritated lately.  Lots of pregnant women in the news these days doing things to “prove that pregnancy isn’t a disease”   And they are doing things that I really wouldn’t recommend a woman in her third trimester do.  Lifting heavy weights, running marathons, maybe there are some entering lumberjack competitions, I have no idea. Pregnancy is just beautiful.  Period.  And then there […]

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Strength: The Simple Truth

Sara Fleming and David Van Skike Why strength train? . . . no really. Why? You have probably heard this mantra before in regard to weight training:  Train movements, not muscles.  Initially, this idea was just an overreaction to the bodybuilding centric physical culture movement that began to be popularized for the masses in the 60’s.  Physical culture is still really still about bodybuilding in one form or another, not […]

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