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Opening the Black Box

Why do training programs work?  How can you tell if they are working? More importantly, how can you tell if they are right for you or your trainee? The black box is a metaphor for a process we don’t understand.  Input turns into output via some mysterious mechanism.  This metaphor has been used in all kinds of industries, including the fitness industry, to describe the results of a system where the mechanism is not understood. When […]

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This is about as provocative as I get. I am a personal trainer and a weightlifting coach. I’m also a mom with three kids. Being a woman in this industry often means that when I tell people what I do, they expect me to bust out the leg warmers and lead a dance class or show them pictures of myself with a fake tan and a six-pack. Lately, with there […]

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Our book has been released!

Play the Ball As It Lies:  The Art and Science of Teaching Strength is now available for purchase.  Below you will find the Introduction which explains a little more about what we teach.  We cover general training principles, workout programming, coaching in the weight room, how to effectively use strength, power, and endurance training, and long term planning with several case study examples.  You can purchase the book as a […]

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