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2015: A Review

2015 was a good year.  I didn’t post much, but did a lot of teaching, coaching, and finally got back to getting serious about my own training again.  I have a dedicated group of clients and athletes that I’m working with (including my own kiddos) who are making some great progress.  I was able to set and achieve some more long term training goals in both my strength training and […]

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Coaching in the weight room

Sara Fleming, Gant Grimes, and Dave Van Skike One of the greatest benefits of working with a trainer or coach in the weight room is constant feedback on form and technique.  Teaching your clients to lift with good technique for their body type, limb lengths, strengths, and deficits is key to their success.  You must be able to instruct them on the basic mechanics of the exercise you are teaching […]

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When and How to Use Accessory Movements in Strength Development

Dave Van Skike One of the most common mistakes made by self-guided strength trainees and inexperienced coaches is the inappropriate use of excessive variety and inappropriate accessory or secondary movements.  In most weight rooms, accessory movements get used by the inexperienced to combat boredom without much thought to using the movement to advance the overall goal: Grow Stronger.  This is in part because of a failure to recognize the demanding […]

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The Horse Latitudes

One of my friends aptly used this name for that period of training when you’re just doing work and not really seeing much progress.  Practice the skills, move the weight, recover, and repeat.  If you recall from high school history, the Horse Latitudes, also known as the Doldrums was that area of the tropical ocean where the wind just wouldn’t blow, the rain wouldn’t fall, and it would take a […]

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Finally a new post.

I was competing at the Highland Games in Maryland two weeks ago when I was approached by a couple who had seen me compete the year before.  They were happy to see me, but also concerned that I hadn’t posted on my blog in over a year.  I was both flattered and a little surprised, but when I thought about it, I haven’t update my blog since last July.  I […]

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How to Be a Better Coach

Sara Fleming Coaching is more than just a thing I do for fun.  It is an integral part of who I am as a teacher, parent, trainer, and athlete.  I’ve coached and trained athletes in a number of individual sports: weightlifting, powerlifting, track and field, as well as a number of recreational and endurance events.  Regardless of the sport, the lessons I learned training horses to compete are the ones […]

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