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Why Performance Nutrition is so very important. . .

Let’s be honest. Although most of us like that our workouts make us stronger, healthier, feel better, etc., the main reason we’re doing it is to look better. We want that six-pack, tighter butt, bigger chest, bigger biceps, you name it. So, we go lift heavy weights over our heads, run fast, jump high, and work up an intense sweat. But then what happens . . . Working out intensely […]

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Deadlifts and Squats versus the Stability Ball: What is the best way to train the core?

Go into any commercial gym these days and you will find a core training class centered around training done on an unstable surface such as a BOSU trainer, a wobble board, or a stability or Swiss ball. Originally intended for rehabilitation and physical therapy programs, stability core training has made its way mainstream gyms and sports conditioning programs over the last decade with many fitness experts touting its benefits. However, […]

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