Your Physical Education: A Podcast

My name is Sara Fleming and I’ve been a strength coach, personal trainer, and trainer educator for over a decade. My friend Nancy Johnson Chavez, a 35 year veteran of the fitness industry, and I started this podcast to have some discussions on what fitness really is and how you can lead a fit and healthy life without killing yourself in the gym or going on a starvation diet. The truth is simply this:

Physical activity is necessary for good health. A varied diet that is not excessive or overly restrictive in calories is necessary for both good health and ideal body composition. There are a million different ways to achieve these goals and none of it has to be hard unless you want it to be.

We will be taking a walk through my book, Fitness without Fear, as well as addressing a number of other topics that we’ve encountered through our years of working in the fitness industry. This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about how the human body responds to diet and exercise and/or wants to begin or change their fitness routine.

You can find our podcast on Spotify and Anchor (more to come). And here is a link:

Your Physical Education: A Podcast

And here’s a little more about Nancy:

“Nancy is a natural athlete from a family of natural athletes.

So sports have always come easy for her. As a teenager, she found herself drawn to the world of fitness, starting with aerobics, then personal training, followed by weight-based training, powerlifting, and CrossFit.

At this stage of her career, with 30+ years of experience, her level of knowledge is unparalleled, borne from an incredible amount of real-world experience, from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, her current home.  She still possesses the drive of an athlete, but she now balances that with an understanding that being fit is combination of mobility, consistency, smart self-care, and a healthy diet.

One more thing; she loves to walk, several miles a day, with her three rescue dogs – Rusty, Stella and Ms. Riley.”

Do you have any questions, comments, or topics you’d like to hear more about? Please fill out this form and we will do our best to accomodate your request.