Strength coach, trainer educator, writer, mom to three awesome kids, pie enthusiast. Creating monsters since 2009.

My name is Sara Fleming and I have been a personal trainer and a strength and sports coach for over a decade. I am also a biochemist and spent ten years in medical research applying the scientific method to a number of problems in the research lab. In addition to training clients and coaching athletes, I am an adjunct professor with Lionel University (formerly the ISSA College of Exercise Science) and have designed and taught multiple training and coaching courses.

To me, training is science and I apply my scientific philosophy to all of my training endeavors whether that be for myself, my kids, or the athletes I train. When you understand the physiological processes behind athletic development and how those develop in the individual, there is little you can’t accomplish.

My training philosophy doesn’t stop at the gym door, there are many small changes you can make in your practice and perception that will lead to your long-term success. You simply need to know what you can change, how long it will take, and what tools you need to get there.

Another fact about me is that as the granddaughter of a game warden and daughter of a science teacher, animals have played a large part of my life. I spent half of 2022 rehabbing and rehoming 26 horses from my friend’s farm after he was seriously injured and could no longer care for them. I am no longer training people full time, but there are many lessons I can share that encompass all the beings we encounter in life.

Stay here with me a little while and I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.

(And maybe some pie recipes.)

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