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Things I’m not very good at.

Well, its been two weeks since Master’s Worlds. I decided against killing myself to make my weight class and so competed with the open women, 45-49. I came in fourth overall, but have to say, I was pretty pleased with my performance. View this post on Instagram 12:00 on caber! A post shared by Sara Jenkins Fleming (@havefungetstrong) on Nov 3, 2019 at 11:29am PST For a lot of reasons […]

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The Chaos of an Ordinary Life

Its 530 am and I dont want to get up.  My legs are heavy, I can’t see.  Its still dark outside. The dog whines next to my bed.  The teenagers are stumbling around downstairs trying to find breakfast.  I do not hide breakfast, the teenage mind is incapable of finding things outside the scope of their understanding of the world.  And at 6 am they understand nothing other than they […]

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From Aesthetics Back to Athletics

So, yesterday was my second Highland Games since competing in Figure back in June and I am finally back to being somewhat competitive. I’m significantly heavier than I was 2.5 months ago, but I’m also a lot leaner than I was the last time I weighed 160 lbs. But, its time to find balance between being the athlete I want to be while also maintaining the leanness I worked so […]

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Three Days Out

Hey there, it’s been a while. I am currently three days out from my first figure competition and I finally had some down time to check in on the process. This has been a 17 month journey to get here and it required not only a lot of time and dedication, but to empty my cup , reorganize my thinking, and trust the process. That last part was a lot […]

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So, sandbagging has a negative connotation in sports and for the most part, it should.  It basically means that you are hiding your strengths or talking yourself down to give yourself an advantage later.  For example, someone might come out to a game of touch football saying, “I’m not that athletic, I haven’t played sports since high school”.  And then after he single-handedly destroys the other team, you find out […]

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Why I Coach

It has occurred to me, after coaching (mostly young women) for the past 10 years, that maybe my reasons for doing so aren’t so clear. Its definitely not about the money.  (My fees are minimal at best and mostly cover my travel when we go to meets.) Its definitely not about the attention.  (Although they make me very proud no matter their level of success.) I became a trainer in […]

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