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Injury & Forced Specialization: a case study in winning

Robert L. Wanamaker What it is I’ve written before about living with setbacks, and trying to make progress in spite of them.  Call it “working through” or “working around” or whatever you like.  Sooner or later, we all seem to get a ding or two here and there, and have to avoid working a particular muscle group. My most recent “workaround” took place after tearing my left hamstring in a […]

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Power Training for Seniors

Sara Fleming Below, you will find an article that I wrote four years ago when I first began training clients. Shortly after writing this article, I had the opportunity to train my 67 year old father who was recovering from an extensive abdominal surgery. I put a lot of these principles into practice with designing his rehab training plan and we were quite successful at not only improving his core […]

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