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rate of perceived exertion

Injury & Forced Specialization: a case study in winning

Robert L. Wanamaker What it is I’ve written before about living with setbacks, and trying to make progress in spite of them.  Call it “working through” or “working around” or whatever you like.  Sooner or later, we all seem to get a ding or two here and there, and have to avoid working a particular muscle group. My most recent “workaround” took place after tearing my left hamstring in a […]

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Best Practices

Practical Strength for Trainers The Coaches here come from a diverse group: Self Coached Athletes, Olympic Lifting Coaches, Strongmen, Highland Game athletes, Powerlifters, Martial Artists etc. but we all have found common themes in our practice and what we see in other successful coaches. Can you answer these questions regarding your own training? Assessment:Good coaching includes simple assessment tools to see if the athlete is ready to train. Are they […]

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Training for the Warrior Dash

Sara FlemingThe best way to motivate your clients is to set an achievable goal.  We talk about goal setting a lot in our seminar and one of the things that you often have to do as a trainer is help your clients figure out what their goals are.  I find that if I set a goal of a physical accomplishment, such as getting a certain amount of weight on the […]

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A Friendly Debate: Overtraining

Dave Van Skike and Sara Fleming Ever felt like this? Dave:  When I hear people use the term “overtraining” I often wonder if they have an understanding of what the term even means. I think it’s misapplied and often misunderstood. At the one end of the spectrum of training you have injuries and mild disruptions in sleep cycles etc.  However, I think athletes have a difficult time differentiating the mild […]

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Autoregulation: Part 1

Autoregulation is a hot topic in strength training: there’s many articles written about it.  I’m going to be up front and admit my bias:  I’ve been coached by Mike Tuchscherer for about 3 years, and I’m a big fan of Reactive Training System.  Much of what I write here is heavily influenced by Mike, and the conversations we’ve had over the years, as well as how I’ve learned to approach […]

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