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Why Fitness without Fear?

I just sent my book, Fitness without Fear, off to copyediting. Its been a very long, difficult process, but my book should be published by the end of April 2021. What I’d like to do now is tell you why I wrote it. I’ve been training clients and athletes since 2008. Before that, I spent many years training myself and whoever was game enough to join me. Before that, I […]

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Fitness Apps and Accountability

I believe that developing self-awareness is a huge part of our success in everything we do, especially health and fitness. With few exceptions, most of us overestimate how active we are and underestimate how much we eat. We also tend to falsely believe that we can out-exercise a bad diet. I’ve written about this before, but in a nutshell, exercise is necessary for good health, diet controls our body composition. […]

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Change Is Not Possible

Unless you are willing to change. As a trainer and coach, this is the hardest thing I have to grapple with when it comes to helping clients achieve their goals. If you are not in the mood for a reality check, find something else to read because I am going to get super blunt in the next few paragraphs. People often come to me with with big changes in mind. […]

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Why diet alone is important.

why-diet-alone-is-important (1) from Sara Fleming on Vimeo. The most current research has been pointing to an interesting connection between diet and exercise when it comes to weight loss. The truth is, diet plays a far greater role when it comes to managing our body composition. Exercise is necessary for our health and optimal functioning, but it simply cannot undo regular excessive calorie consumption. There are a couple of reasons for […]

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After 30 days of feeling like a used car salesman, my pre-sale campaign for Fitness without Fear is complete with 101% of sales supported. The reason this part of the book publishing process is so important is that its not just about generating publication costs, its about creating an audience in anticipation of publication. Simply putting a book on the market and expecting it to fly off the shelves is […]

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The Small Things Matter

Posture for Good Health from Sara Fleming on Vimeo. The point of this video is not to make you give up your gym memberships and invest in a vibration plate. Instead it is to combat the idea that sweating in the gym is the only path to good health. We need to recognize the value of the things we evolved to do well and as a result, keep us healthy […]

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Fitness without Fear

A lot of you may associate me with the highland games or the strength athletes I train, but the part of my practice I am most proud of is development. What I am referring to is the building of skills in an individual that will take them to the next level of performance whether that means competing at Nationals or simply living a better life. And the latter is what […]

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No Pain, No Gain is a Lie, Part 2

*This is another excerpt from my book which relies heavily on the expertise and insights of two world renowed experts in training and athletic development, exercise physiologist Stephen Seiler and conditioning expert Vern Gambetta. One of the most influential individuals on my training practice has been exercise physiologist, Stephen Seiler, and his work on Polarized Training. Polarized Training is Seiler’s philosophical approach to training that has stemmed not only from […]

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No Pain, No Gain is a Lie, part 1

*This is an excerpt from my book, “Fitness without Fear”. If you are interested in signing up for pre-sales (no obligation), fill out the following form: Fitness without Fear In 2014, high intensity interval training (HIIT) debuted at the number one worldwide fitness trend in the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal. It has held at least a top 5 spot ever since.(1)  Despite what the experts […]

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