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11 Weeks Out

All right Team GeriAtrocities!  The Tough Mudder is in eleven weeks and its time to finish up our base training and get more specific.  Two posts ago, I talked about the obstacles and what the general fitness needs are going to be.  I now want to get even more specific about what we’ll be doing over the next several weeks to get ready to take on this challenge.  This is […]

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Tough Mudder Obstacles

The Tough Mudder has 25 obstacles, most of which involve getting wet or muddy in some form or another.  There are those that challenge your (my) fear of heights as well as your (my)  fear of enclosed spaces.  There are others such as the 15 foot rope climb and monkey bars that require a good amount of upper body and grip strength.  And then there are those such as the […]

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Building up miles

Probably the most challenging thing for me (aside from overcoming my fear of heights and death) in training for the tough mudder will be getting some miles under my belt.  Most running programs would not have a novice attempt a half marathon (which is about the same distance) unless he or she were already running 15-20 miles a week. Running, although its one of our simplest activities, has a lot […]

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Training Schedule, March 8th – March 13th 2010

First of all, its time to revisit Performance Nutrition. Humor me, its the 80% of achieving optimal body composition and I’ve even provided someone interesting to read about. Okay, now that that’s out of the way (you read it, right?), let’s move on to lifting heavy stuff and running. The children wanted me to tell you that we had our first “Cool Fit Kids” (their name, not mine) workout on […]

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Training Schedule February 22nd – 27th

This is the 8th week of our periodized schedule and is another de-load week. As with last time, it is a good time to practice yoga, take a long bike ride, or go for a hike. The idea is to rest, recover, and come back stronger next week. Endurance Training: Use these either between strength training days or four hours before or after a strength workout. Option 1: Low intensity: […]

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Training Schedule, February 15th – February 19th

Endurance Training: Use these either between strength training days or four hours before or after a strength workout. Option 1 (high intensity): 15 – 25 fifty meter sprints with 30-60 second recoveriesOption 2 (high intensity): Run, bike or row 6 rounds of the following intervals: 30 seconds all out effort followed by 2 minutes of moderate pace. Complete all six rounds with no rest between intervals. Include a 2 minute […]

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