Notebooks are very important

Just a note to say . . .

Its a lot easier to make progress if we keep track of what we are doing.

Because we are focusing on strength, we will want to continue to increase our weights in a linear fashion. We also want to keep track of rest days and our general sense of well-being as this becomes very important in determining when to take a rest day and how many to incorporate into our schedule. I would not recommend working out more than three days in a row if you are doing the main scheduled workouts. Ideally, you would be working out 3-5 days a week off the main schedule and possibly supplementing with an additional day or two of low intensity cardio. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone work out more than five days a week. Active recovery should be fun and relaxing.

So, please, get a notebook, and start keeping track of what you are doing. Record weights for warmup sets and working sets and what you are doing for your workouts. Times are not that important unless you are trying to improve running/biking/rowing, etc. speed or speed on a particular workout that you intend to repeat.

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  1. If you want a really CUTE note book, contact my lovely neighbor, Tracey…for 5 bucks she will design the cutest little note book for you! LOL!


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