Saturday’s Workout and Other News

So, the workout for Saturday is . . . shovel my driveway. 🙂


It looks like snow and/or rain with nasty cold weather so I think we’ll take a week off and re-group next week. If you are at home and want something to do, here’s a challenge for you:

Download the Tabata Timer from

Set it up to go off every minute for 35 rounds.

Your assignment? Death by burpees.

During the first minute, perform one burpee. During minute two, perform two burpees. During minute three, perform three burpees. Continue on until you cannot perform the number of burpees required for the number of minutes you are on.

But wait, you aren’t finished.

Rest two minutes and then starting with the number of burpees of your last completed set, ladder back down. So, if you failed on round twelve, you will start at eleven. Finish what you can and on the next minute do ten, and so on until you get back to one. If at any time you cannot complete your set before the timer rings, you may rest an additional minute.

Post number of rounds and whether or not you laddered back down to comments.

What’s my other news? I received my new bumper plates today, all 300 lbs of them. Bars and squat rack are in transit. Olympic lift training resumes in February.


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