Training Schedule, May 17th – May 22nd

Blue Ridge Open is this Saturday! Our last heavy weightlifting practice for this event is going to be on Monday at the Athletic Performance Center.

You are free to customize your own schedule based on your goals and available time. With the exception of weightlifting team, we will be doing two linear strength days and two conditioning days focusing on power and/or endurance. Rest between sets is very important to allow for enough recovery to succeed with this format.

Beginners, stick with your circuits. You can start incorporating some of the alternative exercises we’ve used in our training sessions.

Those of you looking to lose bodyfat, include a 30-45 minute medium intensity steady state cardio session 3-5 times per week at least 4 hours before or after your workout. This can be a bike ride, fast walk, jog, treadmill at an incline, etc.

Monday, May 17th

Linear Strength:
Back Squat 3×10
Push press 5×5

Barbell complex:
Barbell Row
Hang power clean
Front Squat

8 reps, 5 rounds

Circuit training:
Split squat 10-15 reps (use dumbells and hold them at your sides)
Dumbbell press 10-15 reps
Deadlift 10-15 reps
3 rounds

Tuesday, May 18th

15 pushups
15 situps
400 meter run
5 rounds

Wednesday, May 19th

Rest Day

Thursday, May 20th

Linear Strength:

Deadlift 3×10
Pull-ups, max reps 3 rounds

Turkish get-ups

Standing Bicycle
(Stand tall with hand behind head as though doing a sit-up. Alternate a standing oblique crunch by touching your opposite elbow to your opposite knee.)
Reverse hypers

Circuit training:
Weighted step-ups, 15
Pushups, 15
Barbell row to Romanian Deadlift (alternate these exercises on each rep), 15
3 rounds

Friday, May 21st


Walking overhead lunges, 40 yards
Kettlebell swing, 20 reps
3 rounds

Saturday, May 22nd

Optional, bench press 5×5

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