Training Schedule July 5th through July 10th

Well, it is about 3 months until the Warrior Dash.  Time flies, eh?  So, if you’re not doing it already, its time to start running.  And, don’t forget about the mud.

If you are lifting heavy, steady state running for 20-45 minutes after your lifting sessions is fine and will not effect your strength, but you can split up your running and lifting days if you have the time.  Three each, per week, is a good aim.  In September, we will increase the number of running interval workouts aimed at conditioning specifically for the race.  For those of you doing more conditioning based workouts, there is still no substitute for running and one to two short runs (or running intervals) and one long run a week is going to become necessary now.  Work on increasing your distance and speed each week.

Monday July 5th

Barbell complex:
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
(after last press, rack bar behind the neck)
Split Squat, left leg
Split Squat, right leg

8 reps each, 5 rounds

Tuesday July 6th

Run/walk 2-3 miles.


Complete the following circuit at a moderate pace:
Either complete reps or 1 minute at each exercise.  Rest one minute between sets
Jump Rope (100)
Kettlebell swing (25)
Walking Lunges (30 total)
Body rows (25)
Medicine ball slam (25)
Perform 4-5 rounds.
*Alternative for med ball slams, each round, alternate between overhead, right lateral (slam into wall), or left lateral.

Wednesday July 7th

This is a high intensity workout.  Make sure you have an extended warmup such as 20-30 minutes steady state cardio, body weight circuits, and/or dynamic stretches.  I will typically run 400 meters and then complete 30 reps of 6 different exercises that loosen the joints and stimulate all the muscles such as overhead squats, standing russian twists with a light bar, lunges, body rows, club bell swings, etc.

15 goblet squats (Choose a weight such that 15 should be relatively hard to complete)
200-400 meter run
2-4 minutes rest

Thursday July 8th

Rest Day

Friday July 9th

Perform the following at a medium high intensity.  Your rest periods are the squats/pushups.  If you need additional rest, you are going too fast.  If this isn’t challenging, you are going too slow or you need to increase the distance.

Run and squat/push-up ladder:

Run 200-400 meters, perform one squat, one push-up
Run same distance, perform two squats, two push-ups
Continue in this fashion up to 8-10 rounds.
If you are working on longer distances, cut the number of rounds. 

Saturday July 10th

Sandbag work:  3 separate workouts, 3 rounds each, max rounds or distance each round
Clean and shoulder
Carry for distance
Zercher squats

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