Warrior Dash! and Kettlebell Pump at St. Francis.

Well, I have to say, the Warrior Dash was an absolute blast.  Everyone was clearly there to have a good time, the weather was gorgeous, and the pond was only slightly freezing.

From  left to right, our times were 27 minutes, 44 minutes, 28 minutes, 40 minutes, 44 minutes, and somewhere between 28 and 40 (Sorry Brett, they didn’t list you).  Stay tuned for some live action mud crawling. 

In other news, I will begin teaching Kettlebell Pump at the community center at St. Francis this Tuesday and Friday and 9:30.  I have kettlebells available for purchase or you can order them from Randy and Mary DeAngelo at this url:  http://www.cjetsfitness.com/cjetscart/

These kettlebells are not “competition” kettlebells, but are ideal for this class and basic fitness.  They are also priced a lot more reasonably than most.  A four kg bell is most appropriate for beginners.  Please contact me if you have any questions about the class.  flemingsj4616@yahoo.com


  1. No way! I was totally there on Sunday. Hate that I missed you. Also, what a LONG drive. Geez!In other news, I would love for you to come visit my new place, CrossFit Local. Check us out!


  2. 🙂 It was a blast, eh? How did the hills hold up? They were already a muddy slick mess by the time we started on them. I would love to come out for a visit. I'll bring my camera! 🙂


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