Embrace Being Vulnerable

A friend sent me this TED talk earlier today and I encourage you to sit through the full twenty minutes.  It is indeed, life-changing.  For me, it made me realize how much I appreciated my family and our “vulnerable” whole-hearted approach to life and also made me realize why I felt so bad when I shared my life with those who were not vulnerable, but merely sat by and judged.

The one “thing” I would like for all of you to take from this regarding training is this:  If you are not training to do the best that you can do, regardless of outcome, think about why.  Are you ashamed that someone may think less of you?  Do you feel you simply can’t do any better?  Are you worried that if you don’t come in first, second, etc., that you aren’t worthy to compete?

For some of you, these questions may seem strange, yet, they are the challenges that most of us run up against and therefore decide to stop trying.

I have a friend who once ranted against people entering competitions “for fun”.  I didn’t understand it til now.  Its not that one can’t have fun competing, its just that if you aren’t trying to do your best, consider why?  Because you do, indeed, have a best.  And its better than you think.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.  Its the only way to use your whole heart.

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