Front Squats and Power Jerks

Just a note for Friday’s workout. If you want to keep it as a muscle endurance workout, I would advise working with two bars and using your 1RM press weight for the front squat and 1/2 your 1RM press weight for your power jerk. You may also do a split jerk instead if that is more comfortable. Feel free to break the set of 15 up into groups of 5. If you want to work on strength, do the front squats separately in the 5 sets of 5 rep format and similarly use your 1RM overhead press weight for your jerks and use the 5 sets of 3-5 reps for that as well.

The point of the power or split jerk is to throw the weight up with your body and drop low underneath and lock your arms out to hold it overhead. You will have to develop a lot of balance, core strength, and explosiveness to perfect this lift, it has little to do with your overhead pressing ability.

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