Training Schedule, March 22nd – March 27th

This is the last week of our 12 week periodized program. Next week is a de-load week and I will post some bodyweight/endurance workouts to keep you busy, but its a week to lay off the weights and high intensity intervals. Recovery is the key to getting stronger. This week we are going to test our one rep max on our squat, press, and deadlift. Weightlifters will likewise max out their clean and jerk and snatch. (Do not do both squat/press/deadlift AND snatch/clean and jerk.) This will give us a set of numbers to base next schedule’s training loads on so try to make sure you get these done.

For your load testing to be effective, do not exercise, other than warming up, before testing your max. You will test your max with 3-5 attempts based roughly around your last max. Rest 2-4 minutes between each attempt. If you do not have a good target weight to base your attempts on, don’t worry, we can calculate your max from the number of reps you perform at a certain weight. So, if you think your squat might be somewhere around 300 lbs and you squat 300 no problem, add 10-20 lbs and try again. If this is again, no problem, add another 10-20 lbs and perform as many reps as you can with good form. We are NOT going to failure.

We then put your reps and weight into the following calculator:

ExRx One Rep Max Calculator

You will find not only your one rep max, but training loads from 50% to 95%. These are important. Write them down in your journal.

For additional conditioning work this week, stick to steady state cardio of your choice for 20-45 minutes.

Monday, March 22nd

Testing: 1RM Squat, 1RM Overhead Press


Testing: 1RM Snatch

Tuesday, March 23rd:

Rest Day:

Wednesday, March 24th:

Testing: 1 RM Deadlift

Thursday, March 25th:

Rest Day or

Testing: 1 RM Clean and Jerk

Friday, March 26th:

Optional, 1 RM Bench Press (You MUST use a spotter)


Rest Day

Saturday, March 27th:

Rest Day, Eat lots of meat.

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