Training Schedule, March 29th – April 3rd

We have completed our 12 week periodized training cycle and will now take a week off to rest, recover, and re-group. OUr 1RM assessments had some surprises for folks who found that they had increased one or more of their lifts quite significantly. We have rehabbed some injuries, lost some bodyfat, gained some muscle and are overall in pretty good shape. We will be using our determined training loads in our next cycle where strength will maintain its importance, but conditioning and endurance will take more of prevalent role. For weightlifters, the next 8 weeks will be preparation for the Blue Ridge Open.

If you have followed our schedule for the past 12 weeks, this would be a good week to do some yoga, go for a leisurely stroll or bike ride, or just do some low intensity exercises. Recovering from lifting heavy weights is what makes us stronger, so no heavy lifting this week.

For most of you, 2-3 20-45 minute periods of steady-state cardio, ie walking, jogging, bike riding, rowing, elliptical, will be plenty for this week.

Here are a few workouts that you can do in addition, but if you are in recovery mode, don’t do more than 2.

Option 1:

Squat/pushup ladder

Start with 1 squat, then 1 pushup
Continue with 2 squats, 2 pushups
Continue in this manner until you reach 10 of each.

Option 2:

Jog 400 meters, rest in plank position 1 minute
4 rounds

Option 3:

Weighted carry, 200 meters
rest 1 minute, 4 rounds
(Use dumbbells in a farmers carry, heavy sandbag, or child)

Superman 30 seconds, plank 30 seconds
3-5 rounds

then bicycles for 3 rounds of 50
(lie on your back and bring your right leg to your left elbow, switch back and forth quickly between sides, each touch is one rep)

Take care, and I will see you on April 6th!

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