Training Scheule, April 19th – April 25th

It is now past April 15th and in North Carolina, its planting season. Planting a garden is a wonderful way to make sure you are getting plenty of vegetables this summer that haven’t been forced to ripen on a truck or in a shipyard. If you don’t have the space, or have too many deer, try container gardening on your porch. A cucumber vine, a couple of tomato plants, and a trough of green beans will go a long way.

Those of you looking to lose bodyfat, include a 30-45 minute medium intensity steady state cardio session 3-5 times per week at least 4 hours before or after your workout. This can be a bike ride, fast walk, jog, treadmill at an incline, etc.

Monday, April 19th

Linear Strength:
Back Squat 20-20-12(use 50% of 1RM)
Split jerk or jerk balance (use 1RM of overhead press plus %10)
Optional: Power cleans 8 sets of doubles, include warm-up sets, and work up to a max weight by the fourth set.

Circuit training:
Goblet squat 10-15 reps
Dumbbell press 10-15 reps
Sumo deadlift with kettlebell or dumbbell 10-15 reps
3 rounds

Optional Core/Conditioning (if you are doing linear strength, you can substitute this for power snatches):
Hill sprints or sled drags, 40 yards x’s 5-8 rounds
Ideally, take only 30 seconds rest between runs.

Tuesday, April 20th

5 pullups or 10 bodyrows
200-400 meter run
15 situps
6 rounds

Rest as needed.

Wednesday, April 14th

Rest Day

Thursday, April 15th

Linear Strength:
Snatch grip deadlift 3 sets of 8
Curl and overhead press 5×5

Circuit training:
Weighted step-ups, 15
Pushups, 15
Deadlift, 15
3 rounds

Friday, April 9th


Complete the following tasks:
20 burpees
20 hanging knee raises
20 kettlebell swings
20 medicine ball half moons
20 full contact twists
20 squats
20 pushups

Saturday, April 10th

Optional, bench press 5×5

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