Training Schedule April 26th-May 1st

This week was a good week. A lot of us got back to our programs and since we’ve apparently built a good base of balanced strength, its time to back off on limit strength and work on some power and conditioning. Weightlifting practice is going to be scheduled as needed outside of meeting with the Raleigh Weightlifting Club. The Blue Ridge Open is in four weeks!

For the rest of you, whom rehab and weight loss are a priority, we’re going to do four weeks of fun conditioning and power work with some strength maintenance thrown in because we need it. Remember, weight loss is all about getting the right nutrients at the right time of day.

Beginners, stick with the circuit training. Add in steady state cardio as much as possible. If you want to work out a third day, just make sure you are alternating the workouts with a full days rest in between. Keep the weight heavy enough such that three rounds are enough. On the days that its not, add another round, but increase your weight next workout.

Monday, April 26th

Barbell complex:
4-5 rounds of 5 reps of the following:
Dead Lift
Hang power clean
Front squat
Push Press
Back Squat

Pullups: Partner assisted, 3 rounds max reps

Core training (Perform as a circuit of 10-15 reps for 3 rounds):
Back extensions
Medicine ball situps
V-sit Russian Twist

Circuit training:
Goblet squat 10-15 reps
Dumbbell press 10-15 reps
Sumo deadlift with kettlebell or dumbbell 10-15 reps
3 rounds

Tuesday, April 27th:

Rest day or steady state cardio.

Wednesday, April 28th:

Deadlifts 3×10

Sandbag hill sprints or sled drags, 8 on the minute

Thursday, April 29th:

Rest day or steady state cardio.

Circuit training:
Weighted step-ups, 15
Pushups, 15
Deadlift, 15
3 rounds

Friday, April 30:

Squat 3×10
Press 5×5

30 kettlebell swings
400 meter run
3 rounds

Saturday, May 1st:

My daughter’s first holy communion. 🙂

Therefore, in her honor, let us rest and be merry.

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