Memorial Day Challenge

I borrowed this from some acquaintances of mine who train hard and like to test themselves every once in a while.  The original challenge was 80% of your bodyweight, overhead anyhow (ie, press, push press, jerk, etc), max reps for 30 minutes.  Some of these guys are getting 80-100 reps with weights upwards of 180 lbs.

Being weaker than the average power-lifter, I decreased my prescribed 100 lbs on this challenge to my one rep max of my overhead press which is currently 85 lbs.  My score, for 30 minutes was 40 lifts.  And now, as I sit in a comfy chair to give you all this challenge, my body is beginning to tell me exactly what it thinks of me.

So, I give you the Have Fun, Get Strong Memorial Day Challenge.

Take your one rep max of your overhead press and get it overhead anyhow for max reps in 30 minutes.  The 30 minutes does not include warm-up sets.  If you decide to participate, post your numbers to the comments section or e-mail me directly.  It will be interesting to see how everyone does. 


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