Training Schedule, May 31st through June 5th

We’ve been having some success both with the undulating periodization model (high, medium, and low intensity workouts) and closer attention to performance nutrition.  Its getting hot and the kids are almost out of school so we need to either pressure me to get an air conditioner (can be accomplished through petition or whining) or start a little earlier in the day.  I think a bathroom with a shower might be in order as well for you early risers.

Anyway, we are going to continue on this week with the same approach of a range of intensities and their corresponding volumes.  Beginners, continue with circuits.  Once you have completed 3-6 weeks of circuits and have increased weight significantly its time to consider getting on the regular training schedule or adding in a sport.  Remember, everything works, but only for a while.

Monday, May 31st

Today, you have the option of doing the Memorial Day Challenge (previous post) unless you did it last week, in which case, its a medium intensity lifting day.

Medium Intensity:

Squat 8-10 reps, 3-4 sets
Use back squat, front squat, or overhead squat, whatever you need in your program right now.
Overhead press, 5 x 5

Turkish get ups, 15-20 reps per side

Tuesday, June 1st

Medium Intensity

Sandbag Zercher squat10 reps
Sandbag carry 50-100 yards
Sandbag clean and shoulder 10 reps

5 rounds

Wednesday, June 2nd

High Intensity

*Warm up should be longer for high intensity workouts
Front squat or kettlebell swing, 15 reps (go heavy!)
200 to 400 meter run (go fast!)
3 rounds

Thursday, June 3rd

Low Intensity

45 minutes jogging, biking, rowing

Friday, June 4th

Low Intensity

30 reps of the following, keep weights low (30-40% 1RM)
Romanian Deadlifts
Overhead Lunges
Body rows
Reverse hypers
Step ups
Hanging knee raises
Push ups
Swamp lunges (weighted)
Oblique sit ups (twist to side when coming upright)
Overhead press

Saturday, June 5th

Its my 11 year wedding anniversary and I’m taking the day off.  Play with the kids, go for a hike or bike ride, do your spring cleaning, etc.  Keep moving and enjoy the day!


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