Training Schedule August 2nd – August 7th

We’ve been going pretty hard for a good month or more now and so it is time for a deload week.  A lot of us are on vacation and so I am going to give you four options for workouts to do in your spare time.  If you haven’t been working out in a while, these will be good for easing back into things.  If you just started back up and aren’t ready to take a break, simply repeat the cycle beginning this month.

Goblet squat, 10-15 reps
Pushups, 10-15 reps
Sumo Deadlift, 10-15 reps (use dumbbell, kettlebell, or small child)
3-5 rounds

Bodyrows or pullups, 10-15
Overhead Walking Lunges, 10 each leg
Pushup press, 10-15
3-5 rounds

Jump rope, 100 reps
Situps, 30
Kettlebell swing, 30
3-5 rounds

Weighted carry (piggyback with partner or kids works well), 50-100 meters
Sprint same distance
rest 30-60 seconds
5-8 rounds
(If you do this with kids, carry child piggyback the measured distance and then race back.)

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