Fitness without Fear

A lot of you may associate me with the highland games or the strength athletes I train, but the part of my practice I am most proud of is development. What I am referring to is the building of skills in an individual that will take them to the next level of performance whether that means competing at Nationals or simply living a better life. And the latter is what inspires me daily.

I think that a lot of us tend to think of people as either being athletic or not. Its an easy assumption to make based on how people look and what they do, but that’s a flawed assumption. I have personally had my ass kicked on multiple occasions by people who look more suited to sitting on the couch than running a marathon or lifting all the weight. And yet, they were so much more than that. Appearances can be deceiving and you never know what a person is capable of.

Throughout my practice, I have had a number of people come through my gym door: Old, young, big, small, weak, and strong. They all wanted desperately to change. They all had doubts they could. They were all wrong. I’m just grateful they gave me a chance.

You may be picturing a Rocky training montage happening next, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. What these folks needed was to learn how to move in their own bodies. They had tried doing what everyone else was doing and it didn’t work, it hurt, and sometimes it injured them. No one had taken the time to teach them how to move well. No one had taught them that patience pays off far more dividends than intensity. And in some cases, no one thought they deserved that consideration.

Humans are complex. Our brains and bodies are intrinsically linked and so good movement has as much to do with our muscles firing correctly as it does with our brains learning which muscles to fire correctly. It is also influenced by emotion, stress, and self-perception. A lot of our perceived inabilities are simply a deficiency in our physical education.

I would like everyone to have the knowledge to make the small changes in their life that will enable them to make big changes for the long-term. It really doesn’t have to be all that complicated or difficult. We were born to move and when we know how, its one of the easiest things for us to do. As one of the non-athletes myself, I had to teach myself how to get around the deficiencies of my instincts through practice and it has paid off big.

My book, “Fitness without Fear”, is my attempt to provide everyone else with what I teach in my gym. I think fitness should be approachable and not scary. I think we all deserve to be healthy and have a good quality of life.

My pre-sale campaign has launched and its not just important for covering the publication costs, its important for word of mouth. I need to generate some interest and momentum in this project so that when the book is published in April, I can start spreading the word. I appreciate any and all contributions to this project, most importantly, sharing its existence. I think it can do a lot of good.

Fitness without Fear Pre-Sale Order Link

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