Saturday’s Workout Results

It was a lot of fun! Well, if you define fun by not breathing, losing all your grip strength, and having your glutes catch on fire . . . 🙂

The teams finished in 24:02 and 26:42.

These were the final rules.

Each group will start at a different station and rotate through as each station becomes available.

1. Team obstacle course with dumbbell farmer’s carry:
Location: Front Yard
Prescribed total weight of dumbells 1/3 of your Deadlift 1 rep max with a max of 100 lbs. Must move in straight lines between destination points. Next team member may start when previous team member hits halfway point.

2. Ground to over shoulder (via deadlift and clean sandbags) challenge:
Location: In front of garage
Lift 5x’s the sum of your team’s collective bodyweight allotting a max of 175 lbs per female and 225 per male using the sandbag weights provided (calculators can be made available).

3. Group bodyweight challenge:
Location: Playground
25 burpees per number of team members, 25 unanchored situps per number of team members, and 15 deadhang pull-ups or 30 bodyrows per number of team members (team member assistance, ie, leg up, is permitted)
These can be done in any order, simultaneously, and all team members can contribute any number of each exercise. Be sure to keep track!

6. Group Relay Race:
Location: Driveway
Each team member must run 800 meters. This can be done as one block, or two 400 meter blocks. One runner at a time, relay style.

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